“EVOLUTIONARY ROAD IN MEDICAL DEVICES” First Annual Medical Technology Conference


Half-Day event organized by LSAN and Elsevier Business Intelligence Group at the New York Academy of Sciences.

Keynote Speaker: Martin Leon, MD, Director, Center for Interventional Vascular Therapy, Columbia University Medical Center, New York-Presbyterian Hospital.

Focus & Mission: To provide a unique opportunity for constructive discussions and networking for medical device entrepreneurs, CEOs of young start-ups, venture-backed companies, business development executives from large Medtech companies, as well as angels, venture capitalists, and corporate investors.

Each panel is comprised of entrepreneurs and investors to provide both perspectives on the challenges of building and funding medical devices companies.

• Panel 1: Getting Started (Tech Transfer and Seed Financing)
• Panel 2: Your First Institutional Investor Experience
• Panel 3: Heading for the Finish Line Networking
• Networking

Distinguished panelists include Orin Hershkowitz (Columbia University), Alan Paau (Cornell), Marc Singer (Osage Partners), Steve Hochberg (Ascent Biomedical Ventures), Tamara Elias (Essex Woodlands), Glenn Reicin (Skyline Ventures), Stan Rabinovich (Edwards Lifesciences), David Feygin (Becton Dickinson), Yuval Binur (Accelerated Technologies), Hugh Sharkey (EMKinetics), Rick Geoffrion (Mitralign), and many others.

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