“SECOND OPINION” with Tom Lee, MD (One Medical Group) and Mike Keriakos (EveryDay Health)


“Second Opinion” series lets you meet and learn from successful medical start-up founders. We call it “Second Opinion” because, as in medical practice, we seek a second opinion on the existing “diseases” and “diagnoses” of the healthcare industry.  On June 12, we spoke with two entrepreneurs whose creativity and persistence paid off and shifted existing healthcare paradigms.

  • Tom Lee, MD founded One Medical Group.  How did he manage to turn a Primary Care Practice setting into a pleasant and efficient experience for both patients and doctors? Many have tried….
  • Michael Keriakos is a co-founder and President of EveryDay Health. What did he do differently to take market share in the crowded space of Healthcare Content Publishing?

LSAN is proud to have these entrepreneurs share their vision in an informal Q&A session. Refreshing conversation and drinks at the landmark The New York Times Building. 

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