THE TRENDLINES GROUP & LSAN: Global MedTech Opportunity

“Trendlines Group & LSAN: Global MedTech Opportunity” evening event was a unique opportunity to learn about innovative Israeli technologies.

This interactive and informative evening event was organized by The Trendlines Group (Israel), Life Sciences Angel Network (NYC) and Goodwin Procter, LLP. It was part of Trendlines U.S. Medical Device Road Show.

Focus: The Trendlines Group (Israel) is a unique seed-stage investment group that establishes and nurtures innovative companies in Medtech and Agritech through its two Israeli government-licensed business accelerators.

Mission:  The Trendlines Road Show aims to introduce US investors and entrepreneurs to impressive technologies developed by four of Trendlines portfolio companies that are “ready for prime time.” It is also a unique opportunity to meet Eran Feldhay, MD, of The Trendlines Group’s Misgav VentureAccelerator

Location:  The New York Times Building, 820 8th Avenue, New York, New York


5:30-6:00pm      Cocktails

6:00-6:15pm      Introductions: Milena Adamian, MD (LSAN) and Stephen Davis (Goodwin Procter)

6:15-6:30pm      The Trendlines Group, D. Todd Dollinger, CEO

6:15-6:30pm      Misgav Venture Accelerator, Eran Feldhay, MD CEO

6:30-7:30pm      Four Company Presentations: 2P2DApiFixLeviticus CardioMediValve

7:30pm +           Networking

Who Should Attend?  By fostering an ecosystem of excellence around medical innovation, the Trendlines Group brings together resources for entrepreneurs, including professional management, business development expertise, the right entrepreneurial environment, and the physical facilities to turn great ideas into thriving businesses.


Milena Adamian, MD
Life Sciences Angel Network
D. Todd Dollinger
The Trendlines Group
Stephen T Davis
Goodwin Procter 

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