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4th Annual Med Device Conference


Hosted by Life Sciences Angel Network (LSAN) and Innovation in Medtech, Piper Jaffrey Investment Bank and AdvaMed (Advanced Medical Technology Association) 

This unique event offers important and sometimes counterintuitive insights from a wide variety of senior-level experts in medical technology: physicians to entrepreneurs to senior executives in medical devices companies and investment bankers.

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Health, Behavior & Economics

On September 12, 2013 Life Sciences Angel Network (LSAN), in collaboration with Psilos Group and Milestone Venture Partners will host a full-day Interactive Summit called “HEALTH, BEHAVIOR & ECONOMICS”

This conference is dedicated to Behavioral Economics in Healthcare offers comprehensive and counterintuitive insights from Dan Ariely, a renowned Professor of Psychology & Behavioral Economics at Duke University, the author of New York Times bestsellers Predictably Irrational and The Upside of Irrationality, and, most recently, of The Honest Truth About Dishonesty.

Third Annual MedTech Conference by LSAN & Elsevier Business Intelligence

Life Science Angels Network (LSAN) and Elsevier Business Intelligence (EBI) are pleased to invite you to attend our Third Annual Med Tech Conference in NYC.

This year, our conference is taking a unique look at the execution roadmap for medical devices and digital health sectors called “Build or Flip: Why & When?”

Healthcare Information Technology: Change, Outlook & Opportunity

The Conference highlighted fundamental topics critical to building a successful company in Healthcare Information Technology (HIT), including the healthcare system’s complexity from the point of view of hospital executives and FDA regulators. In addition, panelists discussed the real-world successes and failures of experienced entrepreneurs and investors.

THE TRENDLINES GROUP & LSAN: Global MedTech Opportunity

“Trendlines Group & LSAN: Global MedTech Opportunity” evening event was a unique opportunity to learn about innovative Israeli technologies.

This interactive and informative evening event was organized by The Trendlines Group (Israel), Life Sciences Angel Network (NYC) and Goodwin Procter, LLP. It was part of Trendlines U.S. Medical Device Road Show.

Focus: The Trendlines Group (Israel) is a unique seed-stage investment group that establishes and nurtures innovative companies in Medtech and Agritech through its two Israeli government-licensed business accelerators.

Mission:  The Trendlines Road Show aims to introduce US investors and entrepreneurs to impressive technologies developed by four of Trendlines portfolio companies that are “ready for prime time.” It is also a unique opportunity to meet Eran Feldhay, MD, of The Trendlines Group’s Misgav VentureAccelerator

Location:  The New York Times Building, 820 8th Avenue, New York, New York


5:30-6:00pm      Cocktails

6:00-6:15pm      Introductions: Milena Adamian, MD (LSAN) and Stephen Davis (Goodwin Procter)

6:15-6:30pm      The Trendlines Group, D. Todd Dollinger, CEO

6:15-6:30pm      Misgav Venture Accelerator, Eran Feldhay, MD CEO

6:30-7:30pm      Four Company Presentations: 2P2DApiFixLeviticus CardioMediValve

7:30pm +           Networking

Who Should Attend?  By fostering an ecosystem of excellence around medical innovation, the Trendlines Group brings together resources for entrepreneurs, including professional management, business development expertise, the right entrepreneurial environment, and the physical facilities to turn great ideas into thriving businesses.


Milena Adamian, MD
Life Sciences Angel Network
D. Todd Dollinger
The Trendlines Group
Stephen T Davis
Goodwin Procter 

“BIG IDEA, BIG MARKET OR BIG EXECUTION?” Second Annual Medical Technology Conference


KEYNOTE  (video is available below)
CoreIdea Incubator: Howard Levin, MD & Mark Gelfand, PhD
                                                                         moderator – David Cassak, EBI
BIG IDEA (video is available below)
                                                                         moderator – Stephen Levin (EBI)
Nelson L. Hopkins, MD, Chairman of Neurosurgery, University of Buffalo
Arthur L. Rosenthal, PhD ,Professor, Dept. Biomedical Engineering, BU
Todd Dollinger, CEO, The Trendlines Group

BIG MARKET (video is available below)
                                                                           moderator – David Cassak (EBI)
Nelson L. Hopkins, MD, Chairman of Neurosurgery, University of Buffalo
Arthur L. Rosenthal, PhD ,Professor, Dept. Biomedical Engineering, BU
Todd Dollinger, CEO, The Trendlines Group

BIG EXECUTION (video is available below)
                                                                             moderator – David Cassak (EBI)
Nelson L. Hopkins, MD, Chairman of Neurosurgery, University of Buffalo
Arthur L. Rosenthal, PhD ,Professor, Dept. Biomedical Engineering, BU
Todd Dollinger, CEO, The Trendlines Group


Unique opportunity to learn about investment and partnerships with Russian scientists, medical experts and technologists through The Skolkovo Foundation – Russia’s flagship innovation project.

“Russian BioMed Day in the Valley” was a half-day event organized by the Skolkovo FoundationElsevier Business Intelligence Group (publishers of In Vivo, Start-Up, Medtech Insight, and The Gray Sheet), Wilson Sonsini Goodrich and Rosati, LLP and LSAN.

FOUNDERS@FAIL+LSAN Interview with Jay Silverstein of Revolution Health

Jay Silverstein offered a candid recount of the days of “Revolution Health” with Steve Case; his experience starting Oxford Health Plans and driving vision at United Healthcare.

Best selling author, legendary serial entrepreneur, car collector, chief imagineer…you should have been there!

“SECOND OPINION” with Tom Lee, MD (One Medical Group) and Mike Keriakos (EveryDay Health)


“Second Opinion” series lets you meet and learn from successful medical start-up founders. We call it “Second Opinion” because, as in medical practice, we seek a second opinion on the existing “diseases” and “diagnoses” of the healthcare industry.  On June 12, we spoke with two entrepreneurs whose creativity and persistence paid off and shifted existing healthcare paradigms.

  • Tom Lee, MD founded One Medical Group.  How did he manage to turn a Primary Care Practice setting into a pleasant and efficient experience for both patients and doctors? Many have tried….
  • Michael Keriakos is a co-founder and President of EveryDay Health. What did he do differently to take market share in the crowded space of Healthcare Content Publishing?

HATCHERY+LSAN HEALTHCARE GAUNTLET: American Idol meets Venture Capital

Our panel was dynamic, candid and encouraging.  David Eichler of Psilos Group Managers, Ben Chodor, CEO of Happtique and blueprint mentor, Anuj Desai, Director of Business Development for the New York eHealth Collaborative (NYeC) and Milena Adamian, MD, PhD, Founder of Life Science Angel Network in NYC posed challenging questions and offered insightful advice.

Three presenting companies:  aidin (www.myaidin), ynio (www.yournurseison) and medico.com walked away with high quality, actionable feedback.

This is what Hatchery and LSAN are all about.





Zack Schildhorn – Associate, LUX CAPITAL


John Friedman – Managing Partner, EASTON CAPITAL

David Feygin – World wide director of Strategic Innovation, BECTON DICKINSON



LSAN co-sponsored this event with New York Health Business Leaders.  We heard directly from entrepreneurs who are building (and have built) successful healthcare companies in our city. Our high-powered panel was moderated by Martin Vogelbaum, a partner of Rho Ventures. Our speakers included:

  • Cyrus Massoumi, CEO of ZocDoc, founded in 2007 to help patients find doctors and dentists and book appointments online.
  • Sundeep Bhan, CEO of Medivo, a start-up focused on bringing personalized medicine into practice in the areas of preventive and therapeutic care. Prior to Medivo, he co-founded and led Medsite (also based in NYC), acquired by WebMD in the fall of 2006.
  • Frank DeBernardis, a serial entrepreneur and co-founder of Nascent Enterprises LLC, a medical device venture advisory firm.
  • David Feygin, Ph.D., World-Wide Director of Strategic Innovation for the Beckton Dickinson (BD) – Medical Surgical Systems business unit, where he is responsible for identifying, developing and validating individual opportunities and overall growth strategies.

“EVOLUTIONARY ROAD IN MEDICAL DEVICES” First Annual Medical Technology Conference


Half-Day event organized by LSAN and Elsevier Business Intelligence Group at the New York Academy of Sciences.

Keynote Speaker: Martin Leon, MD, Director, Center for Interventional Vascular Therapy, Columbia University Medical Center, New York-Presbyterian Hospital.

Focus & Mission: To provide a unique opportunity for constructive discussions and networking for medical device entrepreneurs, CEOs of young start-ups, venture-backed companies, business development executives from large Medtech companies, as well as angels, venture capitalists, and corporate investors.

Each panel is comprised of entrepreneurs and investors to provide both perspectives on the challenges of building and funding medical devices companies.

• Panel 1: Getting Started (Tech Transfer and Seed Financing)
• Panel 2: Your First Institutional Investor Experience
• Panel 3: Heading for the Finish Line Networking
• Networking

Distinguished panelists include Orin Hershkowitz (Columbia University), Alan Paau (Cornell), Marc Singer (Osage Partners), Steve Hochberg (Ascent Biomedical Ventures), Tamara Elias (Essex Woodlands), Glenn Reicin (Skyline Ventures), Stan Rabinovich (Edwards Lifesciences), David Feygin (Becton Dickinson), Yuval Binur (Accelerated Technologies), Hugh Sharkey (EMKinetics), Rick Geoffrion (Mitralign), and many others.